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Sky Vegas Casino

Sky Vegas

The Sky brand is synonymous with sport and competitive gameplay, although as its slogan confirms ‘it matters more when there’s money on it’. The brand’s gradual evolution into an online casino therefore makes perfect sense, as loyal consumers can now back their favourite sports teams while also enjoying a host of diverse and interactive games. Part of a global entertainment brand, the Sky Vegas Casino has the potential to excite and inspire international players as they aim to have fun and make money over time.

Sky Vegas Casino Offers and Promotions

One of the key trends in contemporary casino promotion is the promise of free casino gameplay, which is usually offered to new players in a bid to secure their loyalty. The Sky Vegas Casino is no exception, as it currently offers £20 of free casino gameplay to new subscribers alongside a range of some of the best casino bonuses in the marketplace. There is also a 100 deposit match on all cash commitments up to £500, so new registrations can really benefit if they sign up now. As an additional benefit, the Sky Vegas Casino also offers free spins on the most popular online slot games as they line-up each week.

Roulette Games at Sky Vegas Casino

Roulette is well represented on the prestigious Sky Vegas Casino website, which is only to be expected with such a popular and enjoyable game. European and French roulette formats are among the most popular on the site, which may well entice players thanks to reasonable limits and a relatively low house edge of 2.7%. Fans of contemporary, online casino roulette can also enjoy an advanced version of 3D roulette, with a Premium format available to high rollers. If you have an air of adventure, you should consider playing the character driven Marvel Roulette or perhaps the fast-paced and high octane Multi-wheel Roulette.

Sky Vegas offer games of many skill levels and styles to keep you entertained. With popular franchises such as Marvel this can also add to the fun of the game. Don’t worry if you want something a little more traditional though as there will be plenty of options for you to do this. Sky Vegas provide a whole collection of gaming options that should suit the needs of all its loyal customers.

Sky Vegas Casino Payments Options

In terms of payments, the Sky Vegas Casino accepts money from a huge array of sources. These include standard card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, in addition to electronic transfer systems like PayPal, Neteller and VeriSign. These resources can be used to transfer money into a single casino account, from wagers can be placed and winnings accrued. In terms of withdrawals, money can be issued to a registered bank account, with the process usually taking between two and three working days to complete.

One of the key things about Sky Vegas Casino is the level of security on offer, and this is second to none. They understand that you want to keep your money safe, and they take it very seriously. With the use of strong passwords and all of the latest encryption standards you can be confident in the knowledge that your money will be safe.

What Else You Need to Know About Sky Vegas Casino

While the Sky Vegas Casino is renowned for its range of games and welcome bonuses, it is also a brand that likes to rewards its loyal gamers. To help support this drive, it has developed secondary deposit match schemes for returning players, where gamers can place a minimum deposit of £40 for a 50% match on a £20 bonus. The maximum threshold for returning customers is £200, which is rewarded with a 50% match on a £100 bonus. Even more lucrative bonuses are available for high-rolling or VIP players, so it pays to wager regularly through the Sky Vegas Casino website.


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