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Inter Casino is a well-established online casino website that has been running for over 18 years. It has renowned customer service with free numbers as well as email and live chat, while it is also one the major independent brands to have thrived since the initiation of the online gaming industry. The 200 games that it hosts cater to every ability and taste and may be played on a variety of media including your PC, mobile phone and tablet. In fact, it is so good that is was consecutively awarded ‘Best Online Casino’ by Gambling Online Magazine between 2003 and 2007.

With these accolades, this is proof not only of their past success, but also the fact that they are looking to continue it into the future too. This will be done through the understanding that the customer comes first, and their enjoyment of the site creates the type of loyalty that keeps on coming back. As well as these returning customers, it is also important to look for growth, and this is done in a variety of ways, such as offers and promotions, and a diverse number of games that suit the needs for all customers.

Intercasino Offers & Promotions

Intercasino has several offers for both new and existing customers. There are welcome bonuses for both slots and table games. The slots welcome bonus is £600 whilst the table bonus is £300. They are both paid over your first three deposits, so you can benefit from free gameplay and financial rewards over a sustained period of time. The minimum deposit for this bonus package is £25, with a maximum limit of £100 imposed on players. Existing customers also have access to a number of promotions. These include Inter Points – Points for Cash which gives you the opportunity to earn points and redeem them for cash. There is also a My Bonus for Life promotion which enables you to earn points and then redeem them for cash.

Roulette Games at InterCasino

There is a whole host of roulette games on Intercasino. You are able to play European, American Roulette and Common Draw Roulette. There is even the capacity to play these games live. However, even if you choose not to, the website still provides you with the feeling that you are. The enhanced gaming experience means that they have recreated the sights and sounds of a real casino. This includes spinning the wheel at the same speed as in physical casinos, while there are also other user friendly features which enhance the immersive nature of online casino roulette.

To keep customer interest, the games on offer have to be varied, entertaining and above all suit the needs of the customer. This is achieved by following the gambling trends, and not only providing the most up to date games using television and movie based brands, but also looking to the past with the tried and tested gaming styles. Some gamers like to stick to what they know best, and by providing the less innovative gaming styles too they give this choice that can be imperative to keeping the customers happy.

Your Payment Options

Intercasino has a number of payment options. These are the usual Visa, MasterCard and Paypal options as well as Neteller, i-Banq, Skrill, Entropay and Pay Safe Card. Through the brands 128-bit encrypted website, you can use these options to transfer money into a single account for playing all slot and table games. The minimum and maximum deposits for these games are also detailed above, while the process of withdrawing accrued funds takes up to three working days.

With payment options also comes the need to be secure, which is achieved by the 128-bit encryption. To some customers, words like that mean little, all they really want to know is that their money is safe and that if things go wrong, Intercasino have a trained customer support on hand to fit all of your needs. The company can be trusted to not only protect the money that you put into your account, but also make sure your winnings get to you safe and sound. Safety and security are two priorities for the company, and they can always be relied on.

What Else you Need to Know about Intercasino

Gambling is intended to be a fun and exciting past-time, whether you like to play roulette or chance your arm at one of the many available slot machines. The aim should always be to win, however, and the Intercasino has created a unique website feature that lists recent and previous winners across a wide range of gaming experiences. Offering recognition and congratulations, this is an exceptionally fun feature that creates additional interaction between players.

Through concentrating on giving the customers exactly what they want, Intercasino provide a service that keeps them returning, as well as enticing new players to come to the online casino. Providing a service that is secure and provides a perfect experience for those who gamble responsibly, Intercasino are one of the top online casinos, and will be for many years to come.


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