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Formerly known as Victor Chandler, BetVictor has been existence for 60 years and has forged a reputation as one the best known and trustworthy sports betting outlet on the British high street. It has subsequently used this status and experience to develop a popular virtual casino, and one that does justice to what is arguably the worlds’ most revered independent gaming group. With customer care as its watchword, it is a brand that has retained its identity despite considerable and constant evolution.

BetVictor Offers and Promotions

So, what bonuses and welcome packages are you entitled to when you register with BetVictor? To begin with, new players who register a real money gambling account will be instantly rewarded by an incredible £175 bonus, which can be used across 500 live casino games. Unlike some casinos, however, BetVictor rewards loyal as well as new customers and offers bonuses up to £3000 to players who bet regularly through the website. This depends primarily on the amount that you deposit and wager on a weekly basis, but high-rollers can definitely cash if they register for a BetVictor account.

Roulette Games at BetVictor 

If you like to play roulette, BetVictor can provide you with access to a number of exceptionally enjoyable variations of the game while also offering several lucrative roulette bonus options. Aside from classic American and European roulette formats, there is also a 3D format designed for contemporary gambling fans. For those with a genuine sense of nostalgia, there is also the largely unheralded Pinball Roulette, which is a hybrid game that combines fast paced pinball action and the elements of classic roulette. Simply place your bets and wait for the ball to be fired out onto the board!

What BetVictor look to offer with their roulette games is a fun way to play not only the old school style of roulette but also more innovative forms that feel more refreshing and fun. Through understanding what their customers want they are building up a strong collection of games that should keep everybody happy, while making sure that the services are safe and secure for those using them. Don’t worry if you don’t want to play roulette games that offer extras that don’t fit your style, BetVictor will make sure that there are many types of games available to you, and that there should be a choice to fit your needs, whatever your skill may be, or your favourite gaming style.

BetVictor Payment Options

Players who register with BetVictor can rest assured that they are using a secure and 128-bit encrypted website at all times. This provides considerable peace of mind when transferring and withdrawing funds, while the site also accepts multiple payment options from standard credit cards to e-wallet providers. Including all major credit and debit cards and electronic transfer platforms such as PayPal and Webmoney, these options allow for instant transactions and let you gamble in real-time with the click of a button. Withdrawals will usually take between 1 and 6 working delays depending on your method, so you can access your winnings in no time!

With these payment options also comes the security that will surround them. BetVictor understand that when you deposit your money into your account you need to feel that it is safe. The same goes when you win and are looking to withdraw the cash from your account. Through applying state of the art encryption and security methods BetVictor keeps your account fully secure. So make sure your password is safe and only you have access to it, and your account should be safe from any unwanted visitors who are looking to access your money. If anything every does go wrong, our customer support team will always be on hand to make sure that whatever the problem may be, they can help you to remedy it.

What Else You Need to Know About BetVictor

The online casino at BetVictor is now a significant part of the overall brand, while its contemporary design continues to draw players from all over the world. It all began with The Spin Room, which was an easy to access product that didn’t require a download and enabled players to claim considerable casino bonuses. While the site has evolved noticeably from this point in time, it has maintained the simplicity and sense of fun that continues to distinguish the BetVictor brand from its contemporary rivals.

Through a progressive style of planning and an eye on the important side of the business, BetVictor look to create a fun environment for you to concentrate on being entertained. You can be sure that your account, and the money you hold in it is fully secure and that when it comes to taking out your winnings it is an easy process that will leave you happy with the service that you have been given. BetVictor understand that you are the most important person, and you must be happy with the service you get if you are going to become a returning loyal customer, so you can be sure that they provide you with a service that will have you returning again and again.


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