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Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino

In many ways, the Betfair Casino brand is responsible for revolutionising the sports betting industry. In the year 2000, it pioneered the Betting Exchange and has since evolved into arguably the most complete sports gambling company in the world. As you would imagine with such a forward thinking brand, it has also continued to evolve over time and is now home to an extremely popular virtual casino. With a current focus on providing new and exciting products for the mobile roulette market, Betfair will continue to lead the way as a trail-blazing casino and entertainment brand.

Betfair Casino Offers and Promotions

Betfair is also a forward thinking casino brand when it comes to promotions, with a number of bonuses available to both new and existing players. To begin with, all new visitors to the casino are eligible for a £5 welcome package, which is free for use on the brands’ huge selection of slots. On top of this, players can select from a choice of additional incentives, whether they prefer a 200% match on deposits up to £300 (available on all casino experiences) or decide to buy-in with a minimum of £10 and accrue £300 to play on their favourite games. Either way there is plenty of free gameplay to be claimed, while those who like to play roulette or blackjack can also turn £10 into £20 with an outstanding ‘double your money’ bonus.

Roulette Games at Betfair Casino

If Betfair does not have the biggest collection of free roulette games on the market, it is close to achieving this accolade. So aside from its aggressive online casino bonuses, players can also enjoy an incredible range of variations across classic and traditional gambling games. In total, there are 17 roulette formats on the website, ranging from renowned versions such as American and European roulette to modern variations like Mini Roulette and a three-dimensional replication. If you have been enticed to play roulette after experiencing online slots experiences, you may also want to check out the fun and engaging Marvel Roulette (featuring your favourite comic book and Hollywood icons!)

Betfair understand that roulette games provide a welcome break at times from betting, so there is a focus in this area to make the games fun. The many types that they provide not only cater for those who want something a little more traditional, but they also offer new styles that refresh the feel of the game. With known television and film characters such as the Marvel characters, this gives an audience looking for something a little different exactly what they want. There are also games for people with levels of experience with a focus on entertainment and fun, in a responsible way of course.

Betfair Casino Payment Options

Even if you are new to online gambling, Betfair makes it easy to transfer money into your account and make secure withdrawals. Not only does it accept major card issuers such as Visa (Debit and Electron), Delta, Maestro and MasterCard, but it also allows you to instantly transfer funds through PayPal, Neteller and Western Union. While all have a minimum deposit restriction (typically £10), they are extremely quick and effective ways of driving your expenditure. In terms of withdrawals, almost all of these transfer methods are free and the majority take an average of two and five working days to process transactions.

The payment options available are chosen because of the security they offer. Betfair understand that their customers are always concerned with the security surrounding their money, and this is why Betfair make this their highest priority. With strong passwords they give the owner of the account access, and only them. This is done through the understanding of course that the password should not be shared. If anything does go wrong though then Betfair’s customer support service will be on hand to give you all of the help you may need. The key here is that your money that is put into your account is safe with Betfair, so you can get down to the important task of enjoying your games in a responsible and safe manner.

What Else You Need to Know About Betfair Casino

Aside from its reputation as an innovative and ground-breaking casino brand, Betfair also remains one of the main drivers of live and real-time gameplay. Through a single tab on the website, players can access live versions of roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat, while also claiming some of the best casino bonuses available. This is one the key trends in the remote gaming sector, so those with a competitive streak will certainly enjoy registering for a Betfair account.


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