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Bet365 Casino

The name Bet365 is one of the most synonymous in the world of gambling, with a staggering 14 million customers of 200 different countries. The group also employs more than 2,000 people and has established itself as one of the UK’s largest private companies. With such a strong infrastructure, it is little wonder that the site’s virtual casino is one of the most popular and widely visited in the whole world, with a particularly strong following in the UK market. Bet365 is also a name you can trust, as it is not only licensed by the British Gambling Commission but also backed by years of successful trading.

Through the level of trust they have built up, this has been used to build up a solid customer base who know that they are safe to enjoy themselves with Bet365. Their customer focused style of running the casino site show a level of competency that is expected from all good casino sites. Through keeping their loyal customers happy, and providing new customers a solid service they are definitely a company looking to a very profitable future for them, and their customers.

Bet365 Casino Offers and Promotions 

When you first join the Bet365 Casino, you will have access to a choice of three welcome bonuses. The initial offer is a 100% first deposit match for new players, which is eligible for everyone who transfers between £10 and £100 after registration. There is also a ‘slots only’ casino bonus available for new registrations, with a match of 200% on deposits between £10 and £200. High rolling players will also be able to access the best casino bonuses, with a 50% deposit match available to individuals who transfer between £200 and £500 into their accounts.

Roulette Games at Bet365 Casino

The number of people who play online roulette has boomed in recent years, and visitors to the Bet365 Casino can enjoy a range of variations. These include classic American and European Roulette, which offer respective house odds of 5.2% and 2.7% to players. More experienced players can also revel in a game of Pro Roulette, where there is the opportunity to play high-stakes games against talented professionals. For recreational players there are also a number of novelty roulette variations, including Mini Roulette, Multi-wheel Roulette and the recently released, comic book-inspired Marvel Roulette!

Through understanding what their customers want, they provide all they need when it comes to roulette games. Whether this is the beginner player, or the more experienced all experience levels are catered for. Knowing that there are also differing customer tastes for the style of game, whether it be the more complicated modern, or good old-fashioned style that people know and love, Bet365 offer everything the players need. With so many variations on the roulette games available, the customers have all the choice they should ever need, based on popular franchises from television and movies, or games that are focused on just the game itself.

Bet365 Casino Payment Options 

You can transfer funds on Bet365 using a variety of options, including debit cards, credit cards, e-wallet platforms and direct bank transfer. All of the first three options allow for instant transactions, however, meaning that you need not miss out on live promotions or real-time casino bonuses. So not only can you pay through convenient card issuers such as Visa MasterCard and Maestro, but you can also transfer money with PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. There is also an intriguing new feature of the website, where players can manage their funds through a simple, one wallet system that allows both sports and casino betting simultaneously.

With payment options must also come security, and this is why Bet365 are very strict when it comes to payment types. They select methods that they know are safe, and have strong security, and have all the protection the customer will ever need to protect not only their deposits, but their winnings too. With proper password protection, they make sure nothing goes wrong, but in the case something does, customer support will always be on hand to help the customer with all of their needs. The focus for Bet365 is for the customer to have fun and be entertained, not have website problems getting in their way.

What Else You Need to Know about Bet365 Casino

Live gameplay is arguably the single most prominent trend in the online casino market, as it drives greater interaction between players and helps to replicate the traditional bricks and mortar gambling experience. The Bet365 Casino recognises this, and it has made the worlds’ most classic games accessible in live and tournament formats for players of all description. Take roulette, for example, where players can experience the traditional European version of the game in real-time and enjoy excellent interaction with the croupier.

Bet365 Casino cater for many different customers, new and old with a view of creating a trusted environment for them to enjoy their casino games. Through creating this environment, they build up a loyal user base who know that Bet365 Casino can handle their every need. In a market where there are now so many casino sites out there, finding one that fits you can be very important, and Bet365 Casino are a perfect example of how to get the job done right.


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